Provinces In Canada That Give Immediate Health Insurance For Immigrants

For immigrants arriving in Canada, having immediate access to healthcare services is a priority. While there is typically a waiting period before newcomers become eligible for public health insurance, some provinces offer options to help bridge the gap provinces in Canada offer immediate health insurance for immigrants and provide insights into the options available to ensure you receive necessary medical care as soon as you arrive.

In most provinces, including Ontario, there is a waiting period before immigrants are eligible for the provincial health insurance plan, such as the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). This waiting period ensures that new residents have established their residency before accessing publicly funded healthcare. During this period, immigrants are encouraged to secure private health insurance to cover their medical needs.

Provinces Offering Immediate Health Insurance

Alberta Alberta

offers a unique option called the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) waiting period waiver. If you’re eligible for permanent residency, you can apply for the AHCIP waiting period waiver, which grants you immediate access to healthcare services while you wait for your AHCIP coverage to begin. The waiver is available to individuals who meet specific criteria and is subject to certain conditions.


Manitoba also provides immediate health insurance coverage to newcomers. Upon arrival, eligible immigrants can apply for Manitoba Health coverage immediately, ensuring that they have access to essential healthcare services without delay.


Saskatchewan offers the Saskatchewan Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for newcomers. Immigrants are eligible for immediate coverage if they have applied for permanent residency and have submitted their application within 30 days of arriving in the province.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick allows newcomers to apply for health insurance coverage under the New Brunswick Medicare plan. Eligible immigrants can apply for coverage as soon as they arrive in the province.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (PEI) offers the PEI Medicare Plan, which allows newcomers to apply for health insurance coverage immediately upon arrival. Eligible individuals can receive coverage as soon as they land in PEI.

Benefits of Immediate Health Insurance

Peace of Mind: Immediate health insurance ensures that you’re covered for medical emergencies and unexpected health issues as soon as you arrive.

Access to Care: Having health insurance from the moment you arrive allows you to access medical services without delays or worries about costs.

Continuity of Care: If you have ongoing medical conditions, immediate coverage ensures that you can continue receiving necessary medical treatment without interruptions.

While most provinces in Canada have waiting periods before immigrants become eligible for public health insurance, some provinces offer options for immediate coverage. Provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island understand the importance of ensuring newcomers’ health and well-being from the moment they arrive. By researching the specific options available in your intended province of residence, you can make informed decisions to secure immediate health insurance coverage and enjoy a smooth transition into the Canadian healthcare system.

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